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Choice Shame Kogan And IKEA in Shonky Awards

Choice appears to have a pet hate of Kogan after once again moving to nobble the online trader in their 14th annual Shonky Awards, while also knocking IKEA for a “food spoiling” fridge.

Kogan, who calls themselves a “customer service leader” has been slammed by Choice in the Shonky Awards, citing ‘many reports’ they’ve received regarding the company allegedly “putting profit before customer returns”.

One Kogan repair technician told Choice that some goods had been exchanged three or more times when the customer should have received a refund the first time.

“I was not proud to work for this company,” said the technician.

According to the Complaints Register for 2018, Kogan held an average position of third most complaints received, with the average number of complaints sitting at 31 a month.

As of 2019, Kogan’s average position on the Register has been fourth with their average number of complaints rising to 39 per month.

However, Kogan may be getting the message from its poor customer service record, with August 2019 being the first month that the company was omitted from the top Complaints Register.

Choice also knocked IKEA’s Nedkyld fridge, which costs $799, after it reportedly failed its energy tests, meaning running costs were much higher than advertised.

The fridge scored 35% for food freshness and scored an overall score of 39%, with the top-scoring fridge judged by Choice earning 83%.

Choice finds it hard to understand how Ikea is still selling the fridge with its misleading energy label.

Ikea was named in the 2015 Shonky Awards for a leather couch that was described as havingĀ “durable coated fabric that has the same look and feel as leather”.

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