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Chipmaker Giant Nvidia Enters Competitive Game Streaming Services

Nvidia Corp. has stepped into the competitive field of game streaming services by unveiling its GeForce NOW online computer gaming service.

The move see’s the chipmakers connection to the growing video-gamer industry expand, putting it in direct competition with some of the biggest technology titans.

‘Your old laptop never gamed like this before,’ said Phil Eisler who heads the company’s GeForce NOW, according to Bloomberg.

‘That Mac, which for years has seen fewer games published for it or lost compatibility, can now play the latest games.’

The California-based company, which is the biggest manufacturer of chips used in personal computer graphics cards, is capitalising on the appeal of its technology among players to attract consumers away from rival gaming services.

Microsoft Corp., Alphabet Incs.’s Google, Apple Inc., and Sony Corp. are Nvidia’s biggest challengers for customers.

After a free promotional period, Nvidia will charge subscribers an initial $4.99 monthly fee to stream games from their data centers, according to a company blog post on Tuesday.

Nvidia also claimed that their computing over the internet will be powered by the chipmaker’s highest-end graphics cards, enabling consumers who are connecting from old laptops, TV set top boxes, mobile phones and Chromebooks to have access to high-definition gaming.

Its service is also open, meaning consumers won’t have to purchase multiple copies of games they already own. Additionally, titles they’ve purchased elsewhere will be made available to play through Nvidia’s service.

But iOS operating systems that run on iPhones and iPads won’t have access to GeForce NOW as there isn’t yet a version to support it. Eisler declined to comment on why the service isn’t available for those devices and referred questions to Apple.

Otherwise, Android smartphones, PCs and Apple’s Mac computers will be able to connect.

The new gaming service is a part of a new push for Nvidia to ensure its technology remains relevant and in demand during industry shifts.

While PC gaming remains a huge industry, earning $29.6 billion in the US last year, mobile gaming is now twice as large bringing in $64 billion, according to Nielsen market analysis.

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