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CES 2022:True Wireless Buds Leader JBL Crank Out Several New Models

JBL who are a market leader in true wireless earbuds has just released three new models at CES 2022, they include the JBL Live Pro 2, JBL Live Free 2 and JBL Reflect Aero.

The JBL Live Pro 2, Live Free 2 and Reflect Aero will be available in Australia in the first half of the year.

The Live Pro 2, model gets adaptive noise cancellation technology, up to 40 hours of playback time (10 hours from the earbuds, 30 hours from the charging case) and six microphones equipped with their own noise and wind isolation features.

The buds come in a neat package that looks very Apple AirPods. They also have hands-free voice control functionality, and access to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.
The JBL Live Free 2 are, a slightly smaller variant of the Pro while still delivering similar audio specs in a more compact form – they were also a Best of Innovation Honoré at this year’s CES showcase.

With these in-ears, you’ll get 35 hours of total playback time and slightly smaller dynamic drivers (10mm compared to the Pro’s 11mm), but they’ll still come packed with the same adaptive noise and wind cancellation technology, as well as all that handy hands-free-ness.

JBL Live Free 2
If you want something cheaper there’s a new, JBL Reflect Flow Pro: the Reflect Aero.

The Reflect Aero have 6.8mm dynamic drivers which are smaller than the more expensive models

Larger drivers displace more air to create a more powerful sound, so the Reflect Aero may not pack as much of a sonic punch.

The battery life is lower too, with up to 24 hours of playback – they are, however, still rocking the same microphones, noise cancellation technology and voice controls as the Live Pro 2.

The new JBL’s stem-based true wireless earbuds now have better battery life and better protection from water when compared to the previous Live Pro+ model.

They also deliver to 40 hours of playback time (10 hours in the earbud; 30 hours from charging case). Also on board is adaptive noise cancelling (AANC) with Smart Ambient (transparency mode).

JBL Reflect Aero

The new JBL Reflect Aero TWS earphones are the new bud for consumers who are into active sports.

The hearing device features a compact and rugged design accompanied by 6.8mm sound drivers and 6 microphones in total.

The ANC feature provide great call quality along with a quality experience when it comes to music.

The earbuds have touch control for different sound modes which can be further customized with the JBL Headphones App. Additionally, the earphones also provide hands-free voice control, which supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

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