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CES 2020: MSI Showcase 1000R Curved Gaming Monitor

During CES 2020, gaming hardware manufacturer MSI has showcased the Optix MAG342CQR, which is the company’s first 1000R curvature gaming monitor.

According to the latest data from IDC, MSI Curved Gaming monitors has achieved a breakthrough in many countries and major markets. Additionally, WitsView points out that the curved monitor contributes 60% in the gaming monitor market.

The result shows the successful cooperation of curved gaming monitor between MSI and Samsung and will further increase the demand of curved gaming monitors in the gaming monitor market.

MSI’s CES 2020 monitor showcase included:

  • Optix MAG342CQR

Optix MAG342CQR is MSI’s first 1000R curved gaming monitor. Equipped with the curvature of 1000R, which is the same as human eyeballs, Optic MAG342CQR will bring you the most comfortable viewing experience and will ensure you a longer gaming period without fatigue by eliminating eye strain.

  • Optix MEG381CQR

Optic MEG381CQR is MSI’s first HMI intelligent gaming monitor. The OLED interactive display can intuitively display games and lifestyle information. The shuttle controller can switch functions accurately during battels and the computer OC performance mode to enhance gaming experiences to eliminate complicated software tuning.

  • Optix PS321QR

Doesn’t matter if you are a creator or a gamer, Optix PS321QR will be your best partner. For creators, DCI-P3 95% and Adobe RGB 99% will provide the most accurate colour. For gamers, the 165Hz refresh rate and 1ms fast response time promises to deliver gamers the smoothest gaming experience.

  • Optix MAG161

With the lightweight of 0.9kg and ultra-slim profile of 5.1mm, Optix MAG161 is MSI’s first portable gaming monitor. Gamers can enjoy the smoothest gaming experience and amazing visuals through high refresh rate of 120Hz/240Hz and the FullHD resolution with IPS panel.

  • Optix MAG251RX

Optix MAG251RX supports the latest NVIDIA G-Sync compatible technology. Accompanied with an extremely high refresh rate of 240Hz and fast response time of 1ms, Optix MAG251RX will give gamers the smoothest gaming experience. Moreover, enjoy the stunning visuals through the IPS panel with VESA Certified DisplayHDR 400.

  • Optix MAG322CR

Equipped with the 1920×1080 FullHD resolution and the groundbreaking 180Hz refresh rate panel, Optix MAG322CR will capture every moment, while you take down your oponents. With the FreeSync technology, Optix MAG322CR provides gamers with a captivating, tearing-free gaming experience.

  • Optix MAG322CQR

Optix MAG322CQR is MSI’s first FREESYNC PREMIUM Curved Gaming monitor. The WQHD (2560×1440) high resolution will give gamers an extra field of view and allow you to examine bigger game scenes. The high refresh rate of 165Hz and a fast response time of 1ms will bring gamers the smoothest gaming experience and put them ahead of the competition.

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