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CES 2020: Intel Folds

Intel is continuing the trend of foldable devices by unveiling Project Horseshoe Bend, it’s new 17-inch foldable tablet.

Built on the former concept designs, Intel’s design is to help tech companies figure out just how to make foldable devices work.

The prototype itself will not be made available to the market probably ever, but its concept does demonstrate Intel’s interest in the foldable market going forward.

According to Intel, the biggest challenge for the prototype was manufacturing a large foldable screen size without compromising its structural integrity.

Powered by an Intel Tiger Lake UP4 processor, the 17.3-inch screen reportedly felt warm to touch meaning there’s a lot going on under the hood.

Though according to Engadget, it may just be due to being plugged in all day long.

Unfortunately beyond the physical demo at CES 2020, there aren’t any further specifications about the foldable prototype.

Hopefully, this entry by Intel will speed up the development of the foldable market going forward into 2020, as has been seen with Lenovo’s foldable ThinkPad X1.

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