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CES 2020: Artificial Intelligence For Exercising Your Dogs Mind

A smart home device for your family dog has been revealed at the CES 2020. Go Dogo is an interactive activity toy that utilises Artificial Intelligence to use positive reinforcement to exercise your dog’s mind.

The smart home device will enable your family dog to earn their treats through completing simulating challenges.

One of the most powerful training tool for dogs is positive reinforcement – and by allowing dogs to earn their treats, they are building self-confidence in the process.

It’s an important device for busy dog owners who may find themselves busy with long working hours, leaving their dogs unattended and bored all day.

A bored dog is likely to find simulation in mischief – such as chewing furniture – but Go Dogo is mounted above a TV screen and is designed to release treats when the dog completes tasks ordered by a AI instructor.

The AI Instructor says ‘Dogo’ and delivers the treat to your pet. The tasks slowly increase in difficulty as the dog develops a sense of confidence and understanding of the program.

Go Dogo is designed to allow both visual and audio cues to be delivered to pets. But because dogs recommended period of mental stimulation is restricted to around 20 minutes per day, the program is designed to be controlled by the owner.

The Go Dogo can be pre-ordered online through its official website.

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