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CES 2019: Samsung Launch Next-Gen Smart Fridge

Samsung has revealed its revamped Family Hub refrigerator at CES 2019, with upgraded smarter software, improved interface and more focus on Bixby, its virtual voice assistant.

Bixby has already been integrated with previous models of Family Hub; however, the updated Bixby has been enhanced with smarter tech and a more conversational natural language.

“When we first launched Family Hub three years ago, it was an app-based experience anchored in food management, family connections and entertainment,” said John Herrington, Senior Vice President, General Manager of Home Appliances, Samsung Electronics America.

“Bixby now provides a new level of connectivity and intelligence designed to make everyday tasks much easier.”

Users will still be able to see what’s inside their fridge remotely, via the “View Inside” and SmartThings app, very handy for when you’re at the shops and can’t remember if you need milk.

Samsung states that the new interface is smoother and more functional with updated software plus the updated Bixby capabilities, such as answering queries and finding recipes.

One nifty new update is that the fridge will send an alert if someone accidentally leaves the fridge door open.

Bixby will also provide a “morning brief” which will include the weather forecast and daily headlines both verbally and written on the screen — this new update will be available for most earlier models of Family Hub through an upcoming automatic update.

Bixby can even recognise individual voices through its voice ID technology, so it can provide tailored information to each family member.

Samsung appears to be making more of an intelligent home assistant than a simple fridge with a screen, especially with the new Family Board that allows them to post photos, customise interests, leave notes and more.

“When combined with our new Family Board, the Family Hub is the perfect combination of convenience and connectivity,” said Herrington.

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