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CES 2019: Philips Expand Clinically Tested Sleep Tech

Philips has expanded its clinically-validated SmartSleep system at CES 2019, by debuting its new SmartSleep Snoring Relief Band, SmartSleep Analyzer and SmartSleep Better Sleep Program.

The products come after Philips launched its SmartSleep Deep Sleep Headband at CES last year, with the sleep analysis industry further booming since then.

The new SmartSleep Snoring Relief Band claims to reduce snoring, whilst adjusting a person’s sleep habits over time. Byproducts includes better sleep for the wearer and their partner.

Comprising a a soft band, the device is worn around the chest to continuously measure sleep patterns.

With several sensors, the band vibrates in such a way to encourage the user to move in a position which inhibits snoring (e.g. on their side). Philips asserts vibrations do not trigger a person back to full consciousness.

The product is said to be derived from “clinical positional therapy”, and has proven to reduce snoring in five clinical studies.

With regular usage, the band claims to make a person less likely to sleep in a certain position, and therefore snore.

The new “clinically validated” SmartSleep Analyzer seeks to provide a thorough analysis of a users’ sleep, based on a brief online questionnaire. Results are immediately delivered, identifying sleep issues and recommended personalised solutions.

Philips asserts its produced the only clinically proven sleep tech of its kind, identifying a person’s unique sleep challenges – surpassing the likes of fitness trackers such as Fitbit.

The company has also launched its new SmartSleep Better Sleep Program which aims to “re-train sleep habits”, allowing users to sleep faster and better.

Working with a smartphone, the program evaluates a user’s current sleep patterns and environment, before recommending a personalised plan.

Australian pricing and availability is yet to be confirmed.

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