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CES 2018: LG TVs Get Smarter With AI

Ahead of CES 2018, LG has unveiled its ThinQ artificial intelligence (AI) hardware and new advanced image processor, to be embedded within its latest range of OLED and SUPER OLED TVs.

The company claims that the integration will “lay the groundwork for the TV of tomorrow”.

ThinQ will enable LG TVs to handle “hundred of voice requests” via the company’s own smart platform, and third-party AI services.

With the new AI functionality incorporated within its TVs, consumers can now speak directly into their remote control.

LG’s ThinQ will also be the basis for a ‘smart home hub’, providing access to other smart home products, such as robo vacuums, smart lights and smart speakers (i.e. any product which can connect to the TV via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth).

The company’s new Alpha 9 processor will power LG’s latest range of OLED TV, taking image quality to the next level.

LG claims that Alpha 9 provides ” true-to-life images with incredibly rich colors, sharpness and depth for more realism”. Alpha 9 is designed to support a high frame rate, for better rendering of sports and action movies.

Brian Kwon, President of LG Home Entertainment affirms that the two innovations will take TV viewing to an ‘unrivaled’ level:

“LG is continually seeking to innovate in home entertainment and LG ThinQ along with the α (Alpha) 9 processor will deliver a TV viewing experience that is unrivaled in the industry”

“At LG, our interest is in improving user lifestyles and convenience, which our 2018 TVs amply deliver”.

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