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Census Fall Out: IBM Execs Depart

Two senior IBM executives appear to have fallen on their swords in the wash–up from the opening–night crash in the 2016 census online arrangements.

The executives concerned have not been named but are said to be a head of global technology services and a project director, according to an Australian IT report.

The reported – but so far unconfirmed – departures also follow the bringing down of the online site, following what was claimed to be a series of denial–of–service attacks on the census site.

That saw an angry PM Malcolm Turnbull telling media “heads will roll” over the bungled operation. “The fact is that the service provider for the Australian Bureau of Statistics, IBM, did not put in place sufficient measures to deal with an entirely predictable circumstance – denial of service attacks,” Turnbull said.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics had appointed IBM to a major role in the online census operation back in 2014, despite its role in a bungled Queensland health payroll deployment a year earlier. Later court actions cleared IBM of major blame for the Queensland problems.

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