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Telstra Shuts BigPond Store

Telstra Shuts BigPond Store

Telstra’s BigPond Shopping online store will close on June 30, it announced via email to consumers last week. 

Telstra said it was “making changes to optimise our suite of services offered via Bigpond”.  
The BigPond web-store sells everything from Electronics like TV’s, computers, to homewares, DVDs and Jewellery 

The company was not available for comment when contacted by Channel News today.   

No word if there will be any new service to replace it, but Telstra told subscribers “we’ll be letting you know about all the other great offers and services that will be available to you via BigPond after June 30.” 
BigPond is still offers flogging items on offer including Uniden Bluetooth Stereo Speaker, Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboards, Logitech HD Webcams, boxes wines, Thermalux Blankets and a slew of household items.