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Casio Launch Outdoor Watch Made From Potatoes

Casio has announced the release of a new outdoor adventure watch featuring biomass plastic components.

A key Shriro brand, the Pro Trek PRW-3400 features a case, urethane band and case back all made from biomass plastic, a biodegradable plastic alternative that is made from starchy and oily plants such as corn, beans, seeds and potatoes.

This is not the first time Casio have released an adventure watch made from biomass plastic, having earlier this year released the Pro Trek PRW61, demonstrating the company’s dedication to environmental consciousness and practicality.

Casio’s new watch is far from a smart device and has not been designed to replace your Apple Watch or Samsung Galaxy Watch. However, for those that hike, run and adventure, it takes away invasive screens and gives you only features that will help you explore the wilderness

The Pro Trek PRW-3400 has been fitted with two LCD screens in a ‘dual-layer’ architecture, as could be found on previous Pro Trek watches. The bottom layer shows time while the top layer features a barometer, compass, thermometer and sunrise and sunset times.

The compass, being one of the watches key features, spans across the entire screen, featuring large direction indicators that rotate along the bezel.

The watch also features battery-extending solar charge technology, Multi-Band 6 auto radio time adjustment, 100-meter water resistance and a full LED light.

The Casio Pro Trek PRW-3400 will launch in Japan in July at 44,000 yen (roughly $468 AUD), but like previous Pro Trek watches, is likely to quickly make its way to other markets.

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