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Casio Develop Watch Made Of Corn

Casio are seeking to reduce their carbon footprint with the new Pro Trek PRW61 outdoor watch. Their latest watch is the first in the world to be made of biomass plastic and packaged in recycled paper.

Biomass plastic is made up of organic raw materials such as plants. Casio has specifically named corn and caster seeds as main ingredients in their biomass plastic, which makes up the case, case back and band of the watch.

Casio’s Pro Trek range is designed with the outdoors in mind, best suited for fisherman, hikers climbers and other outdoor enthusiasts. The PRW61’s message and aim to reduce carbon emissions stands firmly in line with their target market both in practicality and environmental consciousness.

Features of the PRW61 include the Casio Triple Sensor array which includes a barometer/altimeter, a compass, and a thermometer. The PRW61 also uses Casio’s Multi Band 6 system to stay connected with dedicated radio towers and keep time accurate.

The new materials don’t jeopardize the Pro Trek ruggedness either. It is water-resistant up to 100 meters and can resist temperatures as low as -10 degrees Celsius. Battery is kept charged via solar power, and a full battery will last 6 months without any sunlight.

Alongside an array of already impressive features, the PRW61 also has an alarm, timer, stopwatch, and world time mode.

Currently the PRW61 is available in Japan and the US, with a price tag of US$420. Dealers such as Chrono24 are able to ship the product to Australia for a price of A$590 excluding shipping. We may see the watch come to retailers in Australia in the future, as its perfectly designed for the Australian outdoors.

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