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Omega Rolls Out New Heating Technology

Omega Rolls Out New Heating Technology

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Eurolux, a new brand on the Australian market, offers a range of micathermic panel heaters for this winter that combines high performance with sleek, unobtrusive styling.

The Panel range features four models – the 2400 watt PF3224 with three heat settings (900/1500/2400 watts) and a programmable electronic timer; the 2000 watt PF3220 has 500/1500/2000 watt heat settings and a programmable timer; the 1500 watt PF3215 has 600/900/1500 watt heat settings and electronic timer; and the 1000 watt PF3210 with 400/600/1000 watt settings and timer.

Each model is thermostatically controlled, energy efficient and can be wall mounted (bracket supplied).

And owing to the fact that these heaters have no visible coils or quartz tubes, they are safer than conventional radiant heaters.  Micathermic heating technology, due to its lack of fumes, is also an ideal solution for those with asthma or respiratory problems.

The Eurolux micathermic panel heater range carries a two-year warranty and is available nationally from electric retail outlets, appliance specialists and some department stores.  The PF3224 retails for $215, the PF3220 for $199, the PF3215 for $185 and the PF3210 for $169.

See www.omegaappliances.com.au