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Microsoft Oz Loses Another Senior Exec

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However it is not known what precise role the former Advertising MD at Microsoft, Liam Walsh, will play at The Social Network, although it is presumed it will be a similar type position.

And ads are something Facebook is looking to do far more of with its latest ventures into mobile ‘check in’s’ and location based ads and look set to reach $50 million in ad revenues by the end of 2012.

And according to several of the larger agencies, bookings with the network are up 80 percent this year. SMI figures suggest Facebook wrote $6 million in agency revenues for the last quarter¬† although this doesn’t count direct bookings.

Microsoft employees were told yesterday that their boss was leaving the online performance advertising company he launched as Drive PM in 2007, according to Ad News.

Microsoft Advertising has also enjoyed some serious business growth in the last year, growing a phenomenal 79 percent rise in February last, compared to a year ago.  

“Liam will be joining Facebook Australia in the coming weeks. He will be part of our ongoing efforts to work closely with agency partners and to help them develop marketing strategies that are truly social by design.” Facebook’s regional vice president, sales, Paul Borrud said.

Walsh, a former sales director at Fairfax Digital, said he was “thrilled to be joining Facebook.”

Microsoft also suffered another major blow to its global staffing operations before Christmas, losing Ray Ozzie, its chief software architect.