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The Follow-Up To Last Year’s Best Selling Receiver

The Follow-Up To Last Year

The V373 comes with future-proofing 4K compatibility. Although the notion of video playback in quality 4 times more detailed than the current Full HD standard, it’s only a matter of time before the new 4K standard makes its way into living rooms and condemns the rest of your electronics out-dated.

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On the front, Yamaha has kept the USB port which makes it easy to replay digital music. It’s even easier managing the music library stored on your Apple iPhone/iPod as you can navigate songs directly from the receiver.

The 5.1 channel receiver is dedicated to high fidelity audio through a slew of software. This includes access to Yamaha’s 17 proprietary DSP programs, Yamaha’s Compressed Music Enhancer utilities and its beloved parametric acoustic room optimiser, which analyses a room’s acoustics and configures the sound accordingly.

Other new features to note include high speed HDMI switching and an ECO mode which reduces the power consumption by up to 20% with minimal loss in audio quality at volumes lower than -20dB.

The RX-V373 is available now at a recommended retail price of $499. There’s also a home theatre option with bookshelf speakers at RRP$649 or a full sized home theatre alternative at RRP$1,199.