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NBN’s LA Satellite Give “Big Boost”


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The two next gen satellites being built at California-based Space Systems/Loral will double the speed of the National Broadband Network for people living in rural Australia, according to the Dept of Communications.

Aussies who live in some remote or rural areas will be receiving NBN Satellite services, to be launched in 2015.

During his visit this week, Senator Stephen Conroy viewed ten satellites in various stages of assembly and testing and went on a PR offensive, defending the $36 bn NBN service, once again.

“The NBN satellites Loral is building will double the broadband speeds for people living in rural and remote Australia when launched in 2015. They will also offer better speeds and performance than many people in metro areas receive today, at an affordable price,” he said.

“We commend the Australian Government for its pioneering program to provide equal access to broadband services for all its citizens.”

Loral’s satellites will provide fast and reliable broadband access to Australia from an orbit 35,786 km above the Earth’s equator.

John Celli, president of Space Systems/Loral also got in on the act, saying:

“Satellite is the most cost-effective way to provide high quality communications services over large, sparsely populated regions. We are proud to contribute to Australia’s National Broadband Network.”

“The two new NBN satellites will double the speed of the existing interim satellite service, which over 7000 Australians in regional and rural areas are already benefitting from,” Minister for Broadband and Communications Senator Conroy said.

The kind folks at the Dept of Comms even gave us a case study of how the NBN remote communities.


Julie Stott, a small business owner who works from her farm in O’Connell, NSW, is one such NBN satellite user.

“As soon as we were put on the NBN we had much faster speeds, with reliability and all for the same cost.”1 Dave Paton, owner of Kings Creek Helicopter Station – a business that provides scenic helicopter tours in the Northern Territory – says, “What we’ve got is satellite NBN connection, and it’s very quick,” she says.

“The old internet dial-up was frustratingly slow. The NBN allows us to go forward in our business.”

Oh, thats ok, then.