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Button Batteries In ACCC Crosshairs During 2021

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) will prioritise safety standards for products containing button batteries in 2021.

The consumer watchdog announced its five product safety priorities for the year, which includes quad bikes, sleeping products, toppling furniture, button batteries and strengthening its product safety online portal.

Chairman Rod Sims said the ACCC will help businesses prepare for the new button battery safety standards.

Button batteries are the cause of many infant deaths in Australia. Products using button batteries include remote controls, watches, cameras and bathroom scales.

“The world-first standards for button batteries will improve safety in the design of products containing button batteries, the packaging of button batteries, as well as the warning requirements alerting consumers to the risks,” Sims said.­­

Strengthening product safety online is also a priority for the ACCC in 2021.

eBay Australia, Amazon Australia, AliExpress and Catch.com.au are among the companies which have signed the Australian Product Safety Pledge in November 2020, in which they committed to do more to protect consumers from unsafe products than required by the current law.

“The ACCC will monitor online compliance commitments recently given by four of Australia’s largest online marketplaces,” Sims added.

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