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BREAKING NEWS:Samsung Cut Global TV Deal With Local Distributor

Sydney based distributor Tempo has secured a massive global deal with Samsung’s head office who has granted the local business, a licence across several Countries to manufacture TV’s running their highly popular Smart TV Tizen operating system.

Samsung South Korea’s head office licenced Tempo for Tizen TVs by Samsung for the Australian, New Zealand, United Kingdom markets as well as in France, Italy, and Spain.

The first of the new  Tizen OS Bauhn TVs, are set to go on sale in Aldi stores  across several Countries with Aldi Australia ranging a $699 65″ model.

Currently The Good Guys are ranging a Linsar TV running the Samsung Tizen OS, while Harvey Norman is set to range an Akai TV running Samsungs’ Smart TV OS.

A Samsung executive said that they sees Tempo as an important partner in those regions and expect to reach mutually beneficial results for both organisations.

During the past 18 months Tempo has secured the rights to some of the world’s biggest brands including Monster, Energiser, Pantone, Hoover and Sharp with ther Company now selling both Sharp appliances and TVs.

A spokesperson for Tempo said, “We worked hard with Samsung over several months to secure this deal and we are confident that both Samsung and Tempo will benefit significantly”.

Consumers who purchase a Samsung Tizen powered Smart TV OS  will get access to a modern UI, free of charge Samsung TV Plus channels and their favourite content apps.

Tizen is one of the world’s most widely used operating systems that is used on all Samsung TV’s and also powers the new Samsung Watch.

Samsung owns one-third of Tizen Association, which is the company that created the OS. Samsung invested $17 million in the company and licensed the OS for use in its devices and services.

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