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BREAKING NEWS: Sea Freight Banned For 14 Days By Queensland Labor Government, Tipped To Be Extended To All Ports

In a major blow for distributors and retailers the Queensland Labor Government has moved to impose a 14-day offshore quarantine order on all cargo ships because of COVID-19.

Distributors of appliances and consumer electronic goods who were desperately banking on shipments due to delays on goods manufactured in China claims the ban is “ridiculous” and warns it will cause further havoc in the supply chain of imported consumer goods.

Shipping Australia – which represents shipping lines carrying 70 per cent of Australia’s container trade has today described the extension of COVID-19 related restrictions by Maritime Safety Queensland as “reckless and indefensible’’.

The Queensland Government has targeted ships from China and South Korean which is where the bulk of CE products are manufactured.

Ironically the exception is boats coming from New Zealand and the South Pacific.

“This is a real kick in the teeth for small business that is struggling to get stock as demand for appliances and work at home gear soars” said a Betta Electrical franchisee.

“It’s what you expect from a Labor Government” said one Queensland Hi Fi retailer.

In a statement, Shipping Australia said the new measures has also been adopted by ports in Albany, Bunbury and Esperance and feared it would extend to the rest of Australia.

Shipping Australia’s Chief Executive Officer, Rod Nairn said the measures would lead to shipping lines first avoiding ports in Queensland and, if it extended nationwide, to all Australian ports.

“The MSQ policy is reckless and indefensible, cargo ship crews are probably the lowest risk sector in the world with not one cargo ship crew member yet being confirmed as having COVID-19,’’ he said.

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