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BREAKING NEWS: Home Of MP Who Has Close Links To Huawei Raided By ASIO

Counter-espionage agency ASIO has raided the home and offices of an NSW Labor politician who has close links with executives from Chinese Company Huawei and in the past had become a voice for the Chinese Communist Government.

NSW Labor MP Shaoquett Moselmane is believed to have met with executives of Huawei in the past, he was supportive of Huawei being a supplier of questionable networking equipment that Australian security agencies believed could be used to spy on Australians and Australian Government departments.

He currently stands accused of being supportive of the Chinese Government and is believed to have lobbied Federal MP’s for Huawei when the Australian Federal Government and the Liberal Coalition Government in NSW were considering the banning of Huawei from being involved in the roll out of 5G networks in Australia.

NSW Labor MP Shaoquett Moselmane

Front and centre of the investigation is the actions of John Zhang who has close links with Huawei executives according to sources.

Zhang is a part time staffer in the office of Moselmane.

Moselmane has taken nine privately funded trips to China since entering Parliament in 2009. Disclosure records show his transport and hospitality costs were often met by Chinese government officials or agencies.

In April, Mr Moselmane resigned as Upper House assistant president after being caught on camera again praising President Xi’s handling of the virus, even as concerns arose that China had underplayed the severity of the crisis.

The Australian newspaper images above, revealed his links with Federal Labor Ministers.

He has also said China needed to “force a change to the rules and create a new world order”. Mr Moselmane was the honorary chair of the Australian Shanghainese Association and a member of the Australian Chinese Association, both linked to Beijing’s secretive network of foreign influence operations.

In one 2015 trip to Shanghai, Mr Moselmane met with the chairwoman of the Chinese People’s Consultative Conference of Songjiang, Jie Ju. That organisation was described by the United States as “the highest ranking entity overseeing the United Front system”.

He also wrote in an essay for a Chinese University that “the obsolete scum of white Australia” had re-emerged, he attacked Australia’s “mainstream media” as anti-Chinese and praised Beijing’s leadership during the coronavirus crisis.

The February essay mirrored Chinese state propaganda and was translated into Chinese by his staffer, Mr Zhang.

Nine Media broke the news of the raids with ASIO now conducting a sweeping investigation into allegations Chinese government agents have infiltrated the office Moselmane and are now trying to influence Australian politics.

An investigation by Nine Media reveal that Zhang has, according to Chinese websites, attended a propaganda training course in 2013 run by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, which merged in 2018 with Chinese Communist Party’s opaque influence agency, the United Front Work Department (UFWD). The precise nature of the course is not known.

The UFWD, in part, works to increase the CCP’s influence in foreign political systems by employing legitimate means as well as covert, coercive methods.

Covert and coercive measures are outlawed under Australian counter-foreign interference laws.

The Attorney-General Christian Porter has authorised efforts by ASIO to gather evidence of any person suspected of seeking to influence Mr Moselmane or his staff on behalf of the Chinese government. The step could only be taken if there were reasonable grounds to suspect evidence may be at those properties.

Security expert Neil Fergus said: “ASIO would not take this step lightly.”

The investigation has been described as the most significant inquiries in recent ASIO history.

As part of the inquiry, the federal police raided properties linked to Mr Moselmane searching for evidence to support allegations of a Chinese government plot unfolding on Australian soil.

The sources said if sufficient evidence was found, the inquiry could ultimately result in an Australian and world first: a prosecution for foreign interference offences arising from an alleged covert Chinese Communist Party plot to influence a serving politician.

According to Nine Media, A dozen plain-clothed federal agents raided Mr Moselmane’s two-storey house in Rockdale, in Sydney’s south, at 6.30am and began conducting an extensive search for evidence.

An hour later, six forensics officers arrived and assisted with the search. At 9am, detectives searched three cars— an Audi, ute, and Volvo— outside Mr Moselmane’s house.

Mr Moselmane’s lawyer arrived during the search and was let into the home by federal agents. The agents searched the house and were seen carrying bags and folders.

ChannelNews is aware that Huawei went to great lengths to get both State and Federal MP’s onside when lobbying for various Governments to use Huawei 5G and 4G equipment in the networks. This lobbying was often done with the support of the Chinese Communist Government.

The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age claim that they are not suggesting the allegations involving Mr Moselmane and his office are proven, only that they are the subject of an ASIO and federal police inquiry.

The Labor Party has now found themselves again linked with Chinese politics and potential espionage.

Victorian Premier Dan Andrews has openly supported Chinese Government initatives including his proposed ‘Belt & Road’ deal with China for this he has been widely criticised in Australian.

Moselmane an upper house MP is well known for his unabashed praise of Beijing.

The latest arrest is set to upset the Chinese Government further following the federal government’s calls for an inquiry into Beijing’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic which led to Chinese bans on Australian goods.

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