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BREAKING NEWS: Amazon Has Change Of Heart US Web Site Access Back

Months after pulling the plug on access to their US web site Amazon has had a change of mind and will now give consumers access to a wider selection of cheap products via their US web site but it will only be a small selection of the 480 million products available on amazon.com.

What’s not known is whether consumers will actually get access to the same US pricing or whether additional shipping costs will significantly bolster the price.

The Company who pulled the plug back in July with the introduction of GST on overseas goods claim that they have now worked out how to charge GST to orders placed on US orders.

Amazon has established a “global store” option on its Australian site offering more than 4 million products that were previously only accessible from amazon.com and started collecting and remitting the 10 per cent GST on these sales.

Amazon said yesterday that as result of feedback from customers it would start shipping eligible items from amazon.com to Australian delivery addresses from November 22 just in time for the Black Friday sales, which kick-off in Australia and the US on Friday.

Orders for eligible or retail items will include the 10 per cent goods and services tax. It is understood Amazon is still working on systems enabling it to charge GST on third party or marketplace orders destined for Australia.

An Amazon spokeswoman said “Earlier this year, Amazon assessed changes to the Australian GST law as a global company with multiple international stores and, in order to remain compliant with the legislation, made the difficult decision to suspend exports from our international stores to Australia,”

“Following the announcement of these changes, we listened to the customer feedback and assessed how we could respond. Since that time, our teams have continued to focus their efforts on building the complex infrastructure needed to enable exports of low-value goods to Australia and remain compliant with GST laws.

“We are pleased to be able to offer Australian customers selection from amazon.com complementing the over 80 million products available on amazon.com.au,” she said.

“We will continue to work constructively with the government on the implementation and enforcement of its legislation to ensure it achieves its objective of a level playing field for all retailers and marketplaces.”

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