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Braun Makes Bold Return To Audio

Braun Audio has made a bold comeback to the audio category after a 28-year hiatus following its reinvention of the ‘timeless’ LE speakers from 1959.

Debuting at IFA 2019, the LE range has a three-pronged focus in design, performance and sound, reproducing the quality German craftsmanship Braun is known for.

The three new speakers – LE01, LE02 and LE03 – are a reinvention of the Deiter Rams original 1959 design, delivering expansive and deeply immersive sound.

Each of the speakers is designed for both scalable, modular systems consisting of single speaker units to whole room-sized displays combining the entire range.

The LE02 is a mid-sized speaker, while the LE03 is a ‘perfectly scaled’ version of its bigger brother, the flagship LE01.

Controlled via the Braun App, which assists with acoustics and room placement EQ for audio optimisation, each speaker can be adjusted independently.

Included also is hands-free control with the Google Assistant plus integration with the Google Home app for Chromecast streaming.

Thanks to TalkTo by DSP Concepts, the LE speakers ensure faultless pick up of voice controls from anywhere in the room, even while audio is playing.

By combining Braun’s audio heritage and craftsmanship with modern technology and creativity, the subsidiary of Procter & Gamble hopes to balance powerful performance with a minimalist form.


Braun’s engineering team has also developed a unique high mass, high excursion radiator that further enhances bass performance within the LE range’s slim cabinet design.

The LE speakers can be positioned anywhere in a room without the worry of a specific sweet spot common in traditional speakers thanks to its 180-degree sound stage created by the Balance Mode Radiators.

Coupled with its custom-designed ultra-low profile, metal-cone woofers, the LE speakers are lightweight without compromising on highly detailed and transient bass.

Prof. Oliver Grabes, Head of Braun Design said, “the reintroduction of Braun Audio now means the brand reawakens its relationship with the audio world and the importance that sound, and particularly music, has in our lives.”

Australian pricing and availability for the LE Speaker Range have yet to be confirmed.


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