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Braun Audio Set To Challenge B&O In 2021 With New Sylish Speaker Range

Braun Audio, which is set to be distributed by Melbourne based Aqipa, has finally seen the light of day after being revealed last year at IFA.

Set to go on sale early in 2021, ChannelNews first saw the classic LE speaker range from 1959, in it’s new form last year and we were impressed by both the 24 bit sound and the design with this product set to be a real threat to the struggling Bang & Olufsen and Sonos, due to it’s sleek but minimalistic look.

In the US the new range will be sold through the Museum Of Modern Art store in New York, which is a big win for the brand.

The LE01 is a stylish speaker that is going to cost you around $2,999 but it is worth it, the LE03 will retail for $599 and the mid range model the LE02 for $1,499.

These are the first products out of the gate for the German brand in almost three decades with Aqipa picking up the global rights to distribute the brand.

While the original speakers were passive designs, the new models are digital and highly functional. The LE01 speaker is designed to switch from landscape to portrait modes using the placement EQ settings to adapt playback for both speaker orientation and location.

This model also has optional floor stands that are designed to resolve cable management.

All of the new range are wireless, multi-room and smart, with Google Assistant voice control and Google Chromecast streaming built in.

The LE01 and LE02 can be configured as stereo speakers or used individually.

When in portrait mode, they can be configured into a stereo left and right configuration.

The Braun app allows users to select placement modes and adjust EQ to get the most from the Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) drive units based on sonic preference and where the speakers are placed in a room.

All models including ther LE01, LE02 and LE03 will initally be available in white, with a black coming “at a later date”.

With Braun’s centenary year just months away, we can expect the brand to be prolific throughout 2021.

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