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Brands Bypass Amazon To Delete Fake Listings

E-commerce behemoth, Amazon, has cracked down on counterfeit goods with the launch its new ‘Project Zero’ initiative, enabling brands to flag and delete suspicious listings themselves.

The tool supersedes the existing process of submitting a request to Amazon, whose team would then assess and delete.

Now companies who are part of Project Zero can delete items without Amazon’s approval – an often tedious process.

Project Zero is currently an invite-only initiative in the US, with only selected brands able to access functionality.

Despite this, it represents a major shift by the e-commerce seller to crackdown on fake goods.

Companies who join Project Zero will receive mandatory training, with Amazon reportedly monitoring participants to prevent abuse.

Amazon asserts providing brands this authority could “drive counterfeits to zero”, whilst warning accuracy must be maintained to retain Project Zero membership.

With an enhanced automated protection system, Project Zero will also use brand trademarks, logos and machine learning to scan and proactively delete fake listings.

Selected brands can also place a unique serial code on products during manufacturing – a sterilization process – allowing the e-commerce giant to scan and confirm a product is authentic before leaving a warehouse.

Though most Project Zero functionalities are free, Amazon is charging brands to use its sterilization service – up to 5 US cents per unit, depending on volume.

Whilst membership is tipped to be difficult, interested brands are directed to join Amazon’s wait list here.

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