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Boost Boss Takes A Potshot At Smartphone Makers “Plastic Wrapped Around Google” He Claims

The founder of phone Company Boost, Peter Adderton claims his Company is reporting record growth because they are “innovating” unlike carriers who are struggling to deliver flexible plans. He has also taken a pot shot at smartphone makers.

He claims that consumers have woken up to the importance of data plans on their smartphones and are now ‘Smarter’ users have also realised that they “Don’t need an NBN” to get access to fast streaming he said during an interview with ChannelNews.

Adderton who was in Australia for Bathurst, has taken a pot shot at smartphone manufacturers who he claims are lacking innovation when it comes to new models.

“What we have today is manufacturers delivering plastic wrapped around a Google UI or OS, these manufactures have become delusional, they not delivering an improved user experience. Their products are all the same plastic and metal with little differentiation”.

“Their marketing is like promoting a coffee cup when what I really want is a great cup of coffee” he said.

He predicts that in Australia and the USA carriers are facing a dilemma and that when new 4G and 5G networks are launched “wrapped around software in the cloud networks, and they are coming” he said organisations like Google and Apple will be able to access data “real time”.

These carriers will be flexible and nimble and be able to respond quicker than current networks he claims.

The move to a new generation of carriers already has the Federal Government in Australia and the US administration concerned especially as it allows big tech Companies to access data quickly.

Over the weekend U.S. antitrust enforcers started an in-depth review of Google’s $2.6 billion planned acquisition of Looker Data Sciences a data analytics company.

The antitrust division of the Justice Department is seeking more information from Google related to the deal to determine whether the tie-up harms competition.

Currently several big tech Companies are setting themselves up to access more data from mobile devices and devices attached to home voice networks.

Alphabet who own Google claims its cloud unit, lags far behind Amazon and Microsoft.

Adderton claims that carriers such as Telstra on whose network the Boost service operates, Optus and Vodafone are going to have to become more flexible to compete.

“Right now, they cannot change their plans on the fly” to suite market conditions”.

“They have to deliver more choice for consumers because in the future new networks and e Sims will deliver more flexibility”.

On the question of 5G and concerns over Telstra’s failure to deliver some of the speeds they have spruiked he said “What consumers want is seamless connectivity, 5G will not change the way a consumer uses a smartphone, there is no magic experience. What they want is consistency and a good experience”.

Recently Adderton found himself in a fight over the future of Supercar racing in Australia.

Boost Mobile which tips millions into Supercar racing in Australia whas stipulated that it will exit the sport if Supercars fails to meet its demands of a control upright for the 2020 season.

Boost Mobile recently inked a two-year deal with GRM but has been frustrated by the lack of parity across the grid.

Adderton has acknowledged the changes made by Supercars to benefit teams that include reduced downforce, control dampers and drop in engine power to save costs to teams.

However, he believes the front upright is a vital component that needs to be made a control part.

“We have made it clear to the teams we are talking to, that unless there is a control front upright we are not in the sport,” Adderton told Speedcafe.com.

“Sean (Seamer, Supercars CEO) tells me he’s going to change the upright in 2021 but we want it done in 2020. Next year we want a truck with uprights and teams just go and choose them.

“We are not going to spend millions of dollars in a sport that we can never win.

“If our driver on the day is the 18th fastest driver and he is the 18th fastest driver in his ability then he deserves to be 18th, but he shouldn’t be 18th because he doesn’t have millions of dollars thrown at him in his car.

“Everyone tells me they are going to do the damper and the aero which are all good things but it is the upright and we are in the sport; don’t change it we will stand down.”

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