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B&O PLAY Introduces New Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

B&O PLAY have announced a new over-ear wireless headphone featuring Active Noise Cancellation (ANC).

The Beoplay H9 is built with luxurious and lightweight materials that are comfortable to wear while on the go. The headband is constructed with a lightweight aluminium frame covered in stitched cowhide leather, while the lambskin-coated memory foam ear cushions adapt to the shape and curve of the user’s ear.

“The ear cushions act as an isolating element, which naturally leaves out many of the high-frequency sounds. In combination with the ANC, it gives travellers worldwide a beautiful listening experience, where you can hear every detail in noisy environments without compromising the sound,” B&O PLAY said.

ANC involves multiple microphones placed on the outside and inside of the ear cushion that capture noise before it enters the ear, producing a reverse signal that cancels out undesirable noise. An intuitive touch interface on the right ear cup allows for control over music, calls and noise cancelling functions, and can even be used in humid conditions or while wearing gloves.

B&O PLAY said the Beoplay H9 combines “craftsmanship and supreme comfort with flagship noise cancelling performance (ANC) that cocoons travellers from the roars of the city and immerses them completely in the music experience.”

The headphone features a battery life of up to 14 hours while listening to music with noise cancelling, and can be fully charged in just three hours.

B&O PLAY’s Beoplay H9 will be available from Bang & Olufsen stores, beoplay.com/h9 and selected third party retailers from early December for RRP $799. The Beoplay H9 is available in two colours, Black and Argilla Grey for RRP $799, and includes a carrying bag, charging cable and audio cable.