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B&O Back Chasing Share In Premium TV Market

Bang & Olufsen is back doing what they did badly in the past, trying to grab share in the top end premium TV market.

B&O whose share value has fallen over 50% during the past 12 months, has announced an 83”-inch TV that is built around an LG OLED panel.

The Company has a 65″ and 75″ model in their Beovision Harmony range that come with the Danish Companies Beovision SoundCentre speaker system which partially covers the screen when not in use.

The screen is designed to unfold, to reveal a speaker setup when you want to listen to music or watch the TV.

B&O who’s in car speakers are made by Harman claim that their SoundCentre speaker array have been optimised for movies, normal TV and music.

There’s also the option to expand the audio experience as the system houses a built-in 7.1 decoder that allows you to connect up to eight B&O BeoLab wired speakers which will cost you over $200,000.

The B&O Light Oak Harmony TV has a RRP of $78,889

The Danish Companies new model is built around a G-series OLED that includes LG’s webOS operating system and four HDMI 2.1 ports that support next-gen gaming features such as [email protected] and VRR.

The added price is for all the B&O sound bites and the design that B&O is famous for.

Slight modifications have been made to LG’s software to make it compatible with B&O systems and the company’s Beoremote One.

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