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Black Eye Debut Next Gen Phone Lenses

Finnish tech accessories brand, Black Eye, has expanded its smartphone lens portfolio, with the release of its new Generation Four (G4) Pro series in Australia.

Featuring Black Eye’s Universal Clip attachment, the lenses claim to work with almost any smartphone or mobile device (e.g. tablet) – instantly ramping up camera capabilities for image and video capture.

Black Eye’s new G4 Wide Lens, G4 Portrait Tele lens, G4 Combo Clip on Lens Kit – Wide + Macro lens and G4 Pro Fisheye Lens are now available to purchase from Ted’s Cameras for A$59.95 – A$99.95.

Olli Osara, Black Eye Chief Executive, asserts ease of use and compatibility with action/sports was paramount:

“Our roots are in snowboarding and skateboarding; the great moments come at you fast. Our lenses will ensure you’re ready.”

The lenses cater to photography buffs and the budget conscious alike, enabling users with mid-range phones to capture flagship quality images, without forking out for a $1000+ smartphone.

Black Eye G4 Wide Lens ($59.95)

Black Eye G4 Combo Clip on Lens Kit – Wide + Macro lens ($79.95)

Black Eye G4 Portrait Tele lens (A$99.95)

Black Eye G4 Pro Fisheye Lens ($99.95)


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