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Beyerdynamic Introduces 1st Pair of Wireless Gaming Headphones

Beyerdynamic, known for its headphones and microphones, has created its first pair of wireless gaming headphones. 

Named the MMX 200 Wireless, these headphones closely resemble previous MMX headphones, however, are now untethered with Bluetooth 5.3 support along with a low latency adaptor. They are also compatible with PC, PlayStation (PS5 and PS4), and Nintendo Switch. Users are required to plug them in using the 3.5mm headphone jack to use them with Xbox Series X. 

They’re equipped with dynamic 40mm high-performance drivers, delivering “powerful bass, clear mids, and detailed highs.” The company claim the drivers help recreate “in-game effects with vivid audio playback.” The drivers are also claimed to feature enhanced sensitivity and increased impulse response and detail across an extended frequency range.  

There is an included detachable 9mm capsule microphone of podcast quality, with an electret condenser capsule allowing for higher max sound pressure levels (SPL), wider response, and less noise. It’s also more power efficient, with the company claiming upwards of 35 hours of use on one single charge, but the actual playtime can be between 40-50 hours, including idle periods. 

There are no RGB lights or bright neon colours in the design. Instead, these headphones are more refined and mature, with a monochromatic design available in black or grey. There are also a few subtle orange highlights. They were built with an aluminium headband, memory foam ear cushions and headband for comfort, and faux-leather ear pads. These can be swapped out if replacement is required. 

The MMX 200 Wireless is currently available on Beyerdynamic’s website and $399 AUD. 

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