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BenQ’s Biggest And Best Projector Gets Confirmed For Oz

After unleashing the world’s first 4K projector last October, BenQ are now building on that pedigree with the world’s first DLP 4K UHD LED home cinema projector with support for both CinematicColor and Philips ColorSpark HLD LED Technology.

The company say that the device provides a wider color gamut with up to three times screen brightness and an impressive total of 8.3 million pixels.

“The meeting of two pinnacles of visual technology, X12000’s pioneering CinematicColor Technology harnesses the high output of ColorSpark HLD LED Technology to bring DCI-P3 colour quality into the home cinema,” said Conway Lee, President of BenQ Corporation.

“DCI-P3 is the colour standard of DLP digital cinema, derived from the same technology in use at all IMAX auditoriums worldwide,” he said.

BenQ are also quick to talk up the product’s design, saying it fits “perfectly into modern home cinema settings” and features “streamlined design with sleek front-facing ventilation.”

It’ll be available from major consumer electronics retailers at an MSRP $9999.

The X12000 is expected to become available later this month.

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