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Beko A Killer Brand For All The Wrong Reason Following 18 Deaths

Turkish brand Beko, has been labelled a “killer” appliance brand for all the wrong reasons after 18 people died in the UK and Ireland.

The brand which is owned by Arçelik was slammed by a UK Coroner during COVID.

In his conclusion following an inquest into the death of five of the 18 peple who died he claimed that Beko should have acted more quickly to stop the sale of cookers linked to the deaths.

The death trap cookers were sold under the Beko brand in the UK similar to what their cookers are in Australia and in Ireland and under the Glen Dimplex brand name.

60,000 of the cookers were manufactured, we understand none of the cookers were sold in Australia.

In Australia Beko cookers are sold at Appliances Online and Bing Lee. while Betta Electrical sells their cooktops.

Coroner Geraint Williams said Beko was too slow to react when it learned that people had died, and tests revealed that its cookers could cause potentially fatal buildups of carbon monoxide.

He gave his findings at the conclusion of an inquest into five of the people who died in the county of Cornwall, after using Beko cookers.

it was also revealed that Beko management failed to tell UK trading standards about the multiple deaths linked to its cookers

Friends Richard Smith, 30, and Kevin Branton, 34, were found dead in their terrace house also killed by the dodgy Beko cookers was husband and wife John and Audrey Cook, aged 90 and 86.

In both cases they had accidentally turned on the grills of their Beko cookers when they had intended to use the ovens, the coroner concluded.

During the inquest it was revealed that a questionable seal on the grill led to fatal buildups of carbon monoxide.

Beko was told about deaths in November and December 2008, but it was not until February 2009 that the company began trying to contact all the owners of potentially dangerous cookers.

By the end of the year the Company had only traced 43% of the Beko cookers sold by the Turkish Company with this number climbing to 53% prior to the coroner’s inquiry.

Williams concluded the deaths were accidental, and he is reviewing what steps should be taken to prevent further deaths happening in similar circumstances.

A spokesperson for Beko said: “Since these tragic incidents we’ve continued to raise our safety standards, and the testing processes our products go through have become even more robust and stringent.

“We also collaborated with the industry to get the UK and EU gas safety standards changed.

The cooker models involved in these incidents have been the subject of a recall for over 10 years.


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