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Been Blasted With Spam? Millions Have After Microsoft Stuff Up

I have just been swamped in Spam thanks to yet another stuff up by Microsoft.

This morning I opened up my Outlook to discover over 40 Spam emails for everything from ‘Indian Deck Chairs’ To ‘Chinese Lamps’ to dodgy financial offers to the best sex you could ever imagine.

The problem is that Microsoft’s email filters for both Outlook and Hotmail, which does still exist, failed. 

Microsoft has since tackled a problem with its email filters that had prevented them from properly screening out spam.

It first acknowledged the problem with Outlook and Hotmail last night, by this morning millions of inboxes were full of junk.

“Some users may be receiving excessive spam mail,” a service page update stated.

The company later said it had managed to put in place two sets of fixes to protect users’ inboxes and its own infrastructure.

Many affected users had complained about the issue on social media.microsoft-outlook-logo

“Getting a spam/junk email about every minute into my main inbox,” tweeted Ben Nelson.

“Drowning in junk mail,” added Jennifer Roseblade.

Microsoft said it fixed the problem on Wednesday afternoon

But one Reddit user was able to see a funny side.

“Look at all of these great deals I’ve been missing out on for years,” Peck Ed wrote.


“Now if you chaps will excuse me, I’m off to become a… millionaire getting a great deal on my car insurance with my new Russian bride at the Casino with my free bets.”


Microsoft has not disclosed what caused the issue.


as for Office 365 users there will not be a rebate or discount on your monthly rental.

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