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tenplay 1M Downloads, ‘Endless’ Ads A Scourge

tenplay 1M Downloads, tenplay, Channel Ten’s catch up TV app was launched less than a year ago in late September and now has hit the one million downloads milestone. 

The app screens content from Ten, Eleven & One and shows like Neighbours, Wonderland, American Idol and News on catch up, as well as “unique live streaming experiences.” 

Channel Ten says users spiked during the recent Commonwealth Games when more than 100,000 downloaded the app, which showed exclusive content and 24-hour coverage of the event across eight digital channels.

“Strong demand for catch-up and live-streamed sport broadcasts saw the app’s download figure soar during Network’s Ten’s coverage of the XX Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland, during late July and early August.”

There was also thousands additional downloads of tenplay across smart TVs, Xbox 360 and  Xbox One platforms, the network said. 

The number of video views of Network Ten content has surged by more than 56% since tenplay was launched, while the number of page views jumped over 60%. 

Network Ten Chief Digital Officer, Rebekah Horne, said: “We are thrilled at the outstanding success of tenplay. Reaching one million downloads of the mobile app is an incredible  landmark for us. And that numbers excludes smart TVs and our partnership with Xbox.”

However, tenplays’ user reviews are not as sparkling with many downloader’s complaining of an endless stream of “ads, ads, ads”, according to the iOS user page. 

“Plays the same one to three ads repeatedly over and over again for the entire show you are watching… Especially with the first episode watched – show time between ad breaks was heavily reduced,” one reviewer complained. Several others agreed. 

The app has a rating of 2.5 stars. 

It is available on all mobile platforms; Android, iOS, Windows 8 phones, tablets and smart TVs. However, it is not clear how many of the ‘one million’ downloads are still active users.