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Battery Drain Plagues Apple Again Fix Issued

Like their iPhones Apple’s new AirPods Max headphones are suffering from battery drain according to reports.

According to several people in Australia and the UK the headphones leak battery life overnight when in their charging case.

The recently released are supposed to switch to low-power mode instead users are waking up to dead headphones.

Apple has issued a firmware update that is supposed to stops this from happening, the headphones are now supposed to switch to low-power mode in 30 minutes.

The update – known as 3C39 – also improves compatibility with iOS 14.5.

This is not the first time that Apple has had battery problems with a product, at one stage Apple deliberately syndicated software that deliberately drained a battery forcing consumers to go to an Apple store where they were told “It would be best” to buy a new iPhone.

Apple were eventually penalised over $700M for the scam.

Another problem was that the AirPods Max headphones would crash after connecting to a device running iOS 14.5.

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