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Banned TikTok App Now On Samsung TVs

The Chinese TikTok app is coming to Samsung TV’s however it’s not known whether the app will be integrated into Samsung new range of smart TV’s in Australia.

Another problem is that the Australian Government could move to ban the app in the future due to security concerns.

Recently the South Korean Company rolled out their new Samsung TV Plus, a free TV streaming service and in an unusual move did not issue a press release or formally announce the new service for the Australian market.

Owners of Samsung Smart TVs, models 2018-2020 and later will be able to access the service free of charge but owners of a Samsung TV will have to put up with advertising.

Samsung has already launched the TikTok App on Samsung Smart TVs in Europe and Australia is a logical market because the app is “so popular down under” said one observer.

Samsung made the announcement of the App and the collaboration with TikTok in its global newsroom

European owners of a Samsung Smart TV can now exclusively access the short video-platform application in the UK.

ChannelNews has been told that all current models of Samsung TV’s excluding The Sero will get the app next year.

The Australian market will be announced in the coming months if the trials in the UK work out and the app is not banned in the USA.

Samsung says, despite being a TV App, it’s crafted for a wholesome home experience.

They claim that The TikTok App on TV will be similar to the mobile phone app and have ‘For You’ and ‘Following’ feeds.

It will also allow users to access the most liked and viewed content, #LearnOnTikTok for cooking hacks, fitness tips, etc.

The TikTok Samsung app will organize content into 12 categories including Comedy, Learning, Sports, Travel, Animals, Art, Food, and more. It will also allow you to like, comment, and even Block/Mark not-so-interested content (Restricted mode).

Users will be able surf the App even without an account.

Banned in India where Samsung is currently expanding their TV manufacturing operations, TikTok is currently hanging out to see if the new US Biden Government will ban the app after the Trump administration moved to ban the questionable application.

Some observers claim that the Samsung deal “will be a sign of relief for TikTok” as the inclusion of the app on the worlds #1 TV brand will allow them to reach millions of homes across Europe.

The TikTok app can also be downloaded via Samsung Smart TV App Store and will be pre-installed in future TVs as well.

“We are exceptionally proud and excited to be able to launch the TikTok app on our Smart TVs. At Samsung, we strive to give our customers an unrivalled content offering to guarantee endless entertainment and the latest addition of TikTok to our app line-up unlocks a new entertainment experience. With our QLED technology, customers will be able to watch the TikTok content creations on a big screen with lifelike picture resolution to maximise their viewing experience” said Dan Hastings, Director, TV/AV Samsung Electronics (UK) Ltd.

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