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Samsung To Watch Quickflix $14 PM

Samsung To Watch Quickflix $14 PM

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The movies deal, announced today, mean that Samsung’s web ready Smart TVs, 3D TV and and Blu-ray players, on top of their Galaxy Tabs and smartphones will now have new release movies like Fright Night, Apollo 18 and Zookeeper at the tip of their hands.

However, we’re awaiting word from Samsung on exactly which smartphones the service will be available on.

Quickflix offers an unlimited library of movies from all major Hollywood’s studios including Warner Bros, Sony Pictures, and NBCUniversal and coming soon TV series and film from HBO, makers of the Sopranos.

For movie lovers, the all you can eat service, due mid-year, costs $14.99 monthly or just $7 for existing Quickflix DVD rental subscribers.

And the Samsung partnership means for the first time Quickflix will be available on Android OS, Quickflix said today.

The deal is also set to increase Quickflix marketshare considering Samsung is one the top brands here.

The service already streams to PlayStation 3 since last month and Telstra Big Pond.