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Australia’s Favourite Netflix Shows

Australia’s favourite Netflix shows have been revealed according to new research from Canstar Blue. It follows reports that the streaming giant may be fudging its ratings.

Based on feedback from over 1,200 adults between December-January 2018/19, the list reveals the country’s top 20 Netflix shows.

Instead of picking a show from a pre-determined list — which could influence results — respondents were asked to list their favourite show on the streaming platform.

“If you’re in need of something new to binge, this is the list you need,” said Canstar Blue Editor Simon Downes.

Australia’s top 20 Netflix shows:

  • You
  • Stranger Things
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • Orange is the New Black
  • Riverdale
  • The Crown
  • Vikings
  • The Good Place
  • Suits
  • Outlander
  • Black Mirror
  • Narcos
  • House of Cards
  • Lucifer
  • Grace and Frankie
  • Shameless
  • Dynasty
  • Daredevil
  • Ozark
  • Vampire Diaries

With a massive fanbase across the globe, it’s no surprise that dark romance You took out the first spot.

Based on a book of the same name, You reveals the dark side of classic romantic comedy tropes as a bookshop owner goes to extreme measures to insert himself into the life of an aspiring writer.

Top choices for women include You, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Orange is the New Black, Riverdale, and The Good Place, while men preferred Vikings, Narcos, House of Cards, and Daredevil. 

You is also a favourite for 18 to 29-year-olds, along with Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Riverdale; while subscribers in their 30s favoured Stranger Things, OITNB, The Good Place, Narcos, and Shameless.

Subscribers in their 40s favoured Stranger Things, The Crown, Vikings, and Daredevil, while those in their 50s preferred Vikings, OITNB, The Crown, House of Cards, and Grace and Frankie.

The Crown, House of Cards, Narcos and Lucifer are the favourites of subscribers in their 60s; and Outlander, The Crown, House of Cards and The Sinner are popular with the 70+ age group.

You took out the top spot in Queensland, while Stranger Things nabbed number one in NSW. Victorians like Ozark and Narcos, South Australians love Vikings, whilst Western Australians prefer Orange is the New Black and Black Mirror. Tasmanian subscribers favour Riverdale, Outlander and Shameless.

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