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Australia Slams China On World Stage

The Australian government has slammed China in a brutal statement to the World Trade Organisation, directly accusing the Xi government of trade coercion and being a threat to international trade.

“WTO rules do not permit a member – however large – to impose conditions such as these on trade with another member,” the Australian government said.

“The implications of China’s actions go beyond their impact on Australian exporters – they raise the risk and uncertainty of the China market for the global business community.

“China has assured members of its commitment to the rules-based order; but from our viewpoint there is a growing gap between China’s rhetoric and its actions.”


The Australian government is claiming China is using its massive market force to punish Australia for perceived slights.

“Over the past 18 months, China has increasingly implemented trade disruptive measures targeting a wide range of Australian products,” the statement reads.

“These included increased and arbitrary border testing and inspections; unwarranted delays in listed and re-listing export establishments, issuing import license and other restrictions, and the imposition of unjustified anti-dumping and countervailing duties.”

This comes as China attempts to join the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership. It needs the support of all countries involved in the deal, including Australia.

“Australia urges China to fully align its trade policies with its WTO obligations, for the benefit of all,” the Australian government wrote.

“We look forward to reviewing China’s answers to our questions carefully.”

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