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Australia Post Call On Qantas To Save Christmas

Australia Post is expected to deliver more parcels this Christmas than ever in its history, and unlike Santa Claus, it cannot do it alone.

Today, the carrier is expected to announce a deal with Qantas, which will see the airline add another Airbus A321P2F freighter to its fleet that will operate solely for Australia Post. This allows them to carry more than 70 per cent more parcels.

Last Christmas saw a record 52 million parcels delivered, and early estimates suggest that figure will rise again substantially this season.

This isn’t just a Christmas solution, however. The online shopping boom has resulted in an overall increase in freight, which will see Qantas convert two of its A330s from passenger planes to freighters by mid-to-late 2023. Australia Post aims to pre-empt the continued rise in parcel delivery with these larger converted aircraft.

“It’s been in the wings for some time – no pun intended,” Australia Post CEO Graham told The Australian.

“Both teams were looking at the post-pandemic situation. We have seen a 76 per cent increase in e-commerce growth compared to two years ago.

“We have done a lot of research, as has Qantas,” Graham says.

“The logic pointed to that sustained increase and the need for us to continue lift our ­capacity.”


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