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Australia and New Zealand Ranked #1 In Cloud Adoption

Australia and New Zealand are world leaders when it comes to cloud adoption, according to new research.

The Infosys Cloud Radar 2021 report shows that our two countries have moved 43 per cent of IT systems to the cloud, a figure that is equal with the United States.

However, future projections show other countries have much more aggressive cloud strategies, which will see us slip to third place by next year.

“Australian and New Zealand enterprises have historically led investment into the adoption of new technologies, with cloud strategies out of these markets clearly world-leading according to our study,” says Infosys VP and regional head Andrew Groth.

“It’s interesting to see local enterprises performing well when it comes to harnessing cloud for speed, but less so across capability metrics.

“This shows that while Australian and New Zealand enterprises can harness the cloud to deploy and scale fast, there is still a need to drill into those growth benefits such as finding new revenue streams,” he says.

“It’s this combination of using cloud to deliver on enhanced speed and capability that typifies the highest performing businesses we surveyed,” he says.

“If local enterprises keep pushing boundaries across their cloud strategies, they are likely to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage at a global level.”

The Cloud Radar 2021 survey was conducted by the Infosys Knowledge Institute.

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