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Aussies Would Welcome Return To Former Workplaces: New Survey

CANBERRA: Around 80 percent of Australians favour returning to their former workplaces rather than continuing to work from home once the Covid-19 restrictions cease, according to a survey conducted by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

And three in five Australians quizzed said they would most like to return to having larger gatherings of family and friends (62 percent) and dining in at restaurants or cafés (61pc). 

The most common activities that Australians reported being uncomfortable returning to were attending large public events (76pc uncomfortable) or indoor gatherings of more than 100 people (66pc uncomfortable). 

And around 60 percent said development of a vaccine and lower daily infection rates would ease their concerns over returning to activities as Covid-19 restrictions ease.

The ABS says its survey was designed to provide a quick snapshot about how Australian households are faring in response to the changing social and economic environment caused by Covid-19. 

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