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Aussies Warned On PayPal Scam

SYDNEY: Australians have been warned of another PayPal scam creeping into their inboxes.

Mailguard, an e-mail security outfit, warns of a malicious e-mail that looks like it’s from the global payments system, and notifies victims that some “unusual activity on your PayPal” has been “detected”.

The phishing scam is aimed at harvesting people’s personal and banking data and comes a week after Mailguard issued its last scam alert, which warned users of ‘Suspicious Login Activity’  – but also designed to steal sensitive information.

Users are told of concerns about “potential unauthorised access”, and that their account has been “temporarily limited” as a result.

If you have been getting a message purporting to come from PayPal and claiming that “some unusual activity” has been detected on your PayPal account and asking you to complete a number of steps to fix the problem – ignore it. PayPal said it has more than 7 million users in Australia.

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