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Aussie Shoppers Don’t Trust Retailers With Data

Aussie Shoppers Don’t Trust Retailers With Data

According to data gathered by Finder.com, Most Aussies would rather trust multinational corporations like Google and Apple with their credit card data than local retailers.

Finder says that less than a quarter of Australian internet users (approximately 23.5%) are happy to attach a credit card to their Apple ID or Google Play accounts.

Meanwhile, only 15.6% of Australians are willing to store their credit card details with their online shopping accounts.

In both cases, Finder found that those who didn’t log their credit card details online overwhelmingly chose to use PayPal or their web-browsers autocomplete feature.

Paypal is said to have over 6 million Australian users.

“While saving your card details can seem convenient, there’s an understandable reluctance to give your credit card information to someone who is unfamiliar,” says finder.com.au editor-in-chief Angus Kidman.

“The fact that we’re still happy to share those credit card details with smartphone providers highlights just how central phones are to our lives,” he says.

It also reflects poorly on the track record of local online retailers.

A number of big name retailers like Kmart, David Jones, Aussie Farmers Direct and Aussie Travel Cover were affected by data breaches in the last year.

Even non-profits like The Red Cross Blood Service have also been targeted.

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