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Aussie Phone Sales Soar: Samsung & Apple, 5G In Demand

Australian smartphone sales continue to grow, with 4 million devices sold in the first half of 2021, up 4 per cent from the previous year.

The sale of over a million iPhone 12s has helped to accelerate the uptake of 5G in Australia, which now stands at 3.5 million 5G handsets in use.

This is all according to the Telsyte Australian Smartphone & Wearable Devices Market Study 2021-2025, which found that Apple still enjoys a whopping 45.7 per cent of market share in Australia, according to first-half sales in 2021.

The top three smartphone vendors for the half were Apple, Samsung and Oppo, with increased popularity for Google’s Pixel, Motorola, realme and Vivo phones.

Due to the iPhone 12, the average price per new phone has also risen, to $780, a 12 per cent leap.

Telsyte forecasts a softening of sales for the current half-year, due to global chip shortages, and no major phone releases. They predict 4.5 million smartphones will be sold in the second half of 2021, down 1 per cent from a year ago.

“Demand for tech products including smartphones, has been above trend since the start of the pandemic and is likely to slow” says Telsyte managing director Foad Fadaghi.


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