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Telstra Has Over 1,000 Job Vacancies

Closed borders, a skills glut, numerous companies investing in digital transformation, and record low unemployment figures have all caused a massive worker shortage in Australia, leaving Telstra struggling to fill more than 1,000 technology-related roles.

“We’ve been challenged to keep up with the level of supply that keeps up with the hirers’ demand for some time. It is an issue COVID or no COVID that we need to be addressing in Australia,” explains Alex Badenoch, Telstra’s group executive for transformation, communications and people.

Telstra has, like so many, has pivoted to a flexible office/WFH hybrid, a model Badenoch tells the AFR is “essential.”

“I was pretty much a five-days-a-weeker in the office,” Badenoch said.

“But I’ve now discovered an opportunity for balance in my life where I can do two or three days in the office, two or three days at home, and be around for my family, or contribute in other ways in my life.”

Since the pandemic, Telstra has adopted a “work-from-anywhere” policy.

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