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Audio Active Set To Benefit From Big Sony TV Win

Audio Active who is already witnessing increased sales for their top end Sony projectors is set to benefit after the Japanese Companies came out top in one of the most contested TV shootouts with the Melbourne based distributor now selling Sony TV’s into the specialist Channel where quality counts.

The Annual TV Shootout hosted by Scarsdale, New York based AV retailer Value Electronics is famous because it is a shootout judged some of the leading developers and creators of TV and display technology.

In a session led by noted industry experts Joel Silver, founder of the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF), and professional calibrator Kevin Miller of ISFTV, a panel of professional video colourists, finishers, TV reviewers, and video scientists evaluated the TVs in a side-by-side setup.

Sony’s flagship XBR-65A9G 4K/Ultra HD OLED TV was crowned the “King of TV” by the panel of video experts. In the Best Streaming TV category, there was a tie between the A9G and LG’s C9P OLED TV.

It was the second consecutive win for Sony, which prevailed at last year’s shootout with the XBR-65A9F. The event was held during CE Week at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Centre in New York City.

Sound & Vision said that by using state-of-the-art switching, distribution, HDMI cables, and test equipment, Silver and Miller simultaneously displayed test patterns and 4K content on the four screens, allowing the judges to compare picture quality in four key areas: dynamic range, colour saturation, colour accuracy, and motion resolution.

When all was said and done, the Sony A9G took the lead in most of the voting categories and had the highest combined average score across all categories, though the competition was close with all panels performing very well, according to Robert Zohn, event organizer and owner of Value Electronics.

Specifically, the A9G received top marks in three of four categories: Best SDR Day Mode, Best SDR Reference Mode, and Best HDR TV. In the Best Streaming TV category, there was a tie between the A9G and LG’s C9P OLED TV.

In Australia Audio Active is set to benefit from their relationship with Sony as several top end brands with the exception of Loewe and Panasonic don’t want the costs associated with having to rep specialist dealers where sales are considere3d “small” when compared to the volumes going through mass retailers.

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