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ASUS Unveil New Google Meet Videoconferencing Kits

Taiwanese PC manufacturer, ASUS, has sought to ramp up workplace conferencing tech amid COVID19, unveiling its new stand-alone videoconferencing kits to run Google Meet meetings for offices and conference rooms.

The news comes as commentators claim COVID19 has changed the nature of of work indefinitely, with many companies seeking to take some, or part, of their organisational requirements remote amidst cost-cutting and efficiency increases – increasing videoconferencing requirements.

The new ASUS videoconferencing gear is available in a kits, and includes a compact computer to run calls, external speaker, touch screen and camera.

The ‘Google Meet Compute System’ (i.e. compact computer) incorporates an Intel i7 processor, 128GB SSD and magnetic build for easy mounting.

The ‘Starter Kit’ and ‘Small/Medium Room Kit’ cater to conference rooms of up to eight people, with a 120-degree field of view camera. ASUS claims the camera is capable of zooming up to 4X without compromising 720p image quality.

Disclosed to ASUS’ website, the ‘Large Room Kit’ is made for rooms of up to twenty people and is also designed to work with Logitech’s PTZ Pro 2 Camera (capable of 1080p video and 10x zoom). 

Both kits come with a separate touch screen panel to manage calls, and increase ease of use.

Whilst exact local pricing and availability is yet to be confirmed, ASUS claims the videoconferencing kits will roll-out in late June across 28 countries. According to 9to5Google, the products will range from US$2000+.

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