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Qantas Gears Up For Increased Travel With Free Masks & Sanitisers

Qantas has unveiled its ‘Fly Well’ safety programme as it prepares for higher travel volumes. This comes as the IT and distribution sector begins to return to normal operations, with many in the industry using Qantas for business flights.

The ‘Fly Well’ plan will see passengers on Qantas and Jetstar flights given free masks and sanitising wipes, though they will not be mandatory.

Passengers will be asked to limit their movement around the cabin once seated, and boarding and disembarkation will be sequenced more than usual to minimise crowding.

Qantas will also be simplifying its on-board service to minimise touchpoints as well as enhancing cleaning of aircraft.

In a move that will make flights during this difficult period more profitable, Qantas will not be implementing physical distancing on flights. This means that passenger seats will be sold next to each other – there will not be seats blocked out in between passengers.

“Social distancing on an aircraft isn’t practical the way it is on the ground, and given the low transmission risk on board, we don’t believe it’s necessary in order to be safe,” Qantas Medical Director Dr Ian Hosegood said.

Qantas ‘Fly Well’ Plan

“The actual rise of catching coronavirus on an aircraft is extremely low due to a combination of factors, including the cabin air filtration system, the fact people don’t sit face-to-face and the high backs of aircraft seats acting as a physical barrier,” Hosegood said. “As far as the virus goes, an aircraft cabin is a very different environment to other forms of public transport.”

Jetstar and Qantas aircraft are fitted with hospital-grade HEPA filters that remove 99.9% of all particles including viruses.

Qantas has confirmed that Fly Well, which will start on the 12th June, will be reviewed after its first month of operation and will be adjusted according to customer feedback and medical advice.

Domestic customers will be able to book domestic flights between 21st May – 30th June for the travel period 12th June – 31st October. The airline will waive the change fee once if you decide to change the date of your travel.

Qantas has asked customers not to fly if they have cold or flu-like symptoms. However, whether a customer is sick or not, Qantas has confirmed they will only waive a re-booking fee once.

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