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ASUS Debuts ‘Triple Threat’ Gaming Processors

Leveraging hype from Nvidia’s recent launch, ASUS has unveiled its next generation graphics processors – the “triple threat” GeForce RTX 20 series.

Like previous ASUS graphics processors, the new Republic of Gamers’ (ROG) range will be built on top of Nvidia components as either ‘Strix, Dual or Turbo’.

Following Nvidia, the ROG cards feature support for GDDR6 memory and VirtualLink, for direct next-gen VR headset connections.

ASUS claims advanced cooling systems make their cards more appealing than Nvidia models, featuring axial tech fans.

The technology claims to be a more powerful cooling system, with fans switching on/off automatically under light loads, thereby reducing noise pollution.

ASUS has branded a large heat sink inside its ‘Strix’ range as ‘MaxContact’ surface cooling technology. With 20% more surface area for efficient heat dissipation, PC builders need to be aware of the trade-off between a fantastic heat sink, and the 2.7 slots it occupies.

Further enhancing the Strix, ASUS has also redesigned the chassis to cope with damage caused by sagging or twisting cards.

Added innovations are also coming to ASUS’ Turbo GeForce RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 Ti range.

An advanced 80mm IP5X dual-ball bearing fan allows for airflow optimisation, which claims to be perfect for an SLI configuration, or a smaller PC case.

American pricing has confirmed (below), with Australian pricing and availability yet to be confirmed.

Further information is available on ASUS’ website here.


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